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About Us

Everfree Ltd is young family run business selling natural, organic and ethical products.
We are committed in helping our customers to discover the benefits of a lifestyle that is more harmonious with nature. Our business is very young, yet we are delighted and extremely proud of our dedicated and growing customer base.

Our ethos is: “To offer you the very best in healthy, natural, organic and environmentally friendly products”

While other online stores question themselves whether be green or grow, we believe that our success depends on a business model – be green in order to grow. Everfree is an eco-friendly innovative company with a committed team that is passionate about becoming a green certified business.

Everfree Products

Everfree’s diverse range of products is always in tune to our ethos of promoting a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our main focus is natural, raw and organic - everything designed to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. We are very passionate about the concept of bringing you closer to nature! So take a look…

Herbal teas
Everfree offers a choice of more than 50 different types of teas! Teas come in a range of flavours such as classic English, white tea, earl grey, chai as well as exotic popcorn, chilli, chocolate and liquorice flavour teas. We also have special teas for Women’s and Men’s health. Our ranges of herbal teas have therapeutic properties and are high in antioxidants which can help slow the process of ageing. We will definitely have something for you!!

Raw foods
These are natural unprocessed foods, or whole foods, which are eaten the way they were naturally intended to be. They therefore have a high concentration of natural nutrients which have health benefits that can help fight diseases and develop a healthy body, e.g. by lowering cholesterol (NaturalNews, 2008). Nutritionist David Wolfe says that raw food is both food and medicine (Hippocrates), since they have elements of both and are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet. Raw foods can also enhance the immune system and can stop the advance of chronic diseases (VegParadise, 2010).
Everfree sell a range of raw foods, including spices, herbs, crackers, granolas, crisps, nuts and chocolates. Our Himalayan salts, cinnamon sticks and other exotic spices are
100% natural and each of them have different health benefits. For example, cinnamon reduces risk of diabetes (US Department of Agriculture, 2010). The raw chocolates are not only tasty and more natural than conventional chocolate but also have health benefits, as they has a high level of antioxidants (The Guardian, 2007).

Vibram Fivefingers Shoes
These are ergonomically designed shoes that aim to make you feel the freedom of being barefoot while offering your feet the protection they need in your daily routines. They are like gloves for feet, and can be used for sports and normal everyday activities. Vibram Fivefingers do this in many ways, they strengthen the feet by stimulating muscles which also reduces risk of injury.

Skin Care Products
Everfree offer a range of 100% natural hair and body products which are chemical free. They are also friendly to the environment and produced ethically. Organic and natural skin care contains natural oils, minerals and herbal extracts and No parabens or other dangerous cancer causing additives!

Presentation and Service:
We provide a full breakdown of the nutritional information about each product as well as details of any potential health benefits, or specific information about the provenance and usage. The process of online ordering is simple and easy to use. Majority card payment options are accepted at checkout, as well as payments through PayPal.
But pretty please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries!  Or feel free to leave Your comments, and please Rate our products! As You are the one who will help us to improve our service and we very much appreciate your help!! x

Postage and Packaging
Along with the business philosophy we endeavour to make our carbon foot print as small as possible. Wherever possible, recycled or biodegradable material is used for printing and to package our goods. All these initiatives are part of our effort to be as green and as ethical as possible.

About The Name

Was first thought up in 2004 when i first had the idea of this project to help people feel better and be more in touch with nature.
Comes from Evergreen, In botany, an evergreen plant is a plant that has leaves in all seasons. (Wikipedia). And Everlasting, lasting for ever. (Oxford dictionary).
Comes from Freedom, 1.The condition of being free or unrestricted. 2. the power of self-determination;independence of fate or necessity. (Oxford dictionary).


At Everfree we aim to make a difference by helping people in need. We want to share our ideas that will help defend people’s dignity and fight poverty. We are inspired to care and to be productive in this mission. We are launching a number of support and integration campaigns that will benefit people significantly and we want you to be a part of this journey.  So let’s make a difference together. Going forward, once our company is strong, we plan passing a share of our profits and taking part to helping homeless get back into society.
 "We wish you optimum health and happiness"
          Loads of Love from Everfree !

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